Beyond the Blockchain – Hackathon sprint sessions

may 14, 2018 Mauritshuis, The Hague

Agriterra invites you to the Mauritshuis Convention ‘Beyond the blockchain‘ to shake-up your brains, to think about future trends and technologies and to look into what it can mean for your company’s business. During this event three hackathon sprint sessions will take place, read more about them below. Would you like to know more about this event, or participate in the hackathon speed sessions? Read more and sign up here!


Hackathon sprint session 1
True pricing
Fruit & Vegetables with Michaël Wilde from EOSTA

Eosta distributes fresh, organic and fair fruit and vegetables. Their “trace & tell” system Nature & More offers transparency to consumers in organic products. Food production is known to have a lot of hidden costs concerning it’s impact on the environment, health, water quality and soil. EOSTA made their hidden costs visible by calculating the true costs of nine different fruits & vegetables. Michaël Wilde, Sustainability & Communications Manager at EOSTA, will tell about this True Cost Accounting in Finance, Food, and Farming and in this workshop we will explore how block chain technology can help to make the true costs visible.


What will we work on?
How can block chain technology accelerate the developments concerning True Cost Accounting?


Hackathon sprint session 2
Can we put coffee in the block chain?
Coffee with Marten van Gils from Fairfood

Fairfood uses blockchain technology to make food chains more transparent and sustainable. As a test case, they put the origin and price of 1000 fresh coconuts in a blockchain. They also participated in a coffee project, in which 400.000 kilo of coffee cherries were put on a blockchain. At this moment Fairfood is working on a third blockchain project as part of their coffee campaign. These projects provided worthy insights about the possibilities of blockchains, but also about the challenges.


What will we work on?
What are the best practices of Fairfood’s blockchain projects so far?


Hackathon sprint session 3
New technologies for African potato farmers
Potatoes with Ad Rietberg from AgriWallet

Agri-wallet is an innovative mobile business account that makes it possible for small farmers to save, borrow and pay for income generating activities to increase food security and fight poverty. IT-technologies can help these small farmers, for example in the potato chain. In this workshop we will look how new technologies can help small potato farmers work together to improve their yield and communications. Ad Rietberg from Agri-wallet will use his expertise to help us take this deep dive. The technologies provide possibilities to realise economies of scale for the high potential potato production in Rwanda, Uganda and East-Congo.


What will we work on?
How can new technologies help potato farmers to cooperate and improve their yield and communications?