Beyond the Blockchain – report, Agriterra Magazine & pictures

may 14, 2018 The Hague

During the 3rd Mauritshuis Convention ‘Beyond the Blockchain’ on may 14th, food specialists, tech developers, farmers, NGO’s, start-ups, retailers and government representatives gathered to explore the area of blockchain technology.


The convention turned out to be a great occasion to share knowledge, explore opportunities and make an effort to strengthen the connection between the agricultural sector and tech sector. Throughout the day it became clear that blockchain technology brings many challenges, but also opportunities. The main advice was to start experimenting and keep it simple.


It is safe to say this third edition of the Mauritshuis Convention was a success and opened many eyes. Cees van Rij, Manager Agri-advice at Agriterra, hopes this meet-up will lead to something bigger. “Today gave me a better understanding of what blockchain means and how you can combine it with your own field of work. This topic can really help those who want to participate in creating a meaningful food chain.” So let’s not stop here, but continue is Van Rij’s final message: “Let’s continue bringing all parties together and really make it happen.”.



Would you like to read more about the event or the specific outcomes of the sprint sessions?


Read the full report of Beyond the Blockchain


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