Global demand for food is growing. Major investment in agriculture is being made by corporations in emerging economies to meet these needs. Smallholder farmers and their organisations are increasingly important as business and development partners.


‘Small Farmers, Big Deal’ connects Dutch entrepreneurs to professional farmer cooperatives in developing countries. Agriterra makes doing business easy by selecting ambitious cooperatives that produce valuable commodities worldwide. It also organises peer-to-peer advice from the top sector of the Dutch agri & food industry to create a good, stable business climate in developing markets. Long-term, everyone benefits from well-planned development, from the local communities to the companies investing and/or purchasing products to bring positive change. As a result, economic growth becomes sustainable and balanced, giving farmers access to markets, knowledge and a better income.

For the Dutch agri-food sector, there are exciting opportunities for local sourcing, new markets and business in emerging economies. By working with established cooperatives, companies are guaranteed better a quantity and quality of product. Cooperatives often process with agri-food businesses too, creating a win-win situation for all!


By increasing collaboration and investment in smallholder farmers, the Dutch private sector, government authorities and knowledge institutions can optimise these opportunities and benefit from local knowledge and resources in developing countries.


Want to do business with these ambitious farmer cooperatives? LET’S MAKE A DEAL!

The campaign is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.