Welcome to China. On this page you will find information about the facts & figures, commodities and interesting tips and analyses for this country. Interested in making a deal? Please contact the business advisor below. He can help you out by bringing you a step closer to doing business in this country.


There’s currently no specific business advisor for China. Would you like information about doing business with China? Please contact Cees van Rij, manager agri-advice.


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  • Chinese herbs
  • Exotic fruits (lemon, dragon fruit, ect.)
  • Coffee
  • Speciality tea (chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, etc.)
  • Bamboo (for various uses)


  • Capital: Beijing
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Political System: Unitary socialist one-party state
  • Number of citizens: 1,382,323,000
  • Key actors:ย (provincial) government
  • Key opportunities for investing:ย Equipment for sustainable agriculture
  • Interesting websites/platforms:ย