What’s in it for you?

Organised smallholders make strong local business partners

Over 1.4 billion people work on 570 million farms worldwide. 475 million of these farms are smallholdings of less than 5 acres, and almost 90% are in developing countries. 80% of the world’s poorest people are smallholders. At the other end of the scale, big food companies are investing heavily in agriculture to meet rising global and local demand. Smallholder farmers and their organisations are increasingly important as business and development partners, and these partnerships are giving farmers in developing countries an escape route from poverty.

At its core, ‘Small Farmers, Big Deal’ tackles important Sustainable Development Goals, as set by the UN. In particular, the initial goals centre on ending hunger, promoting economic growth, raising rural prosperity, and a strong commitment to global partnerships and cooperation. Improving access to technology plays a big role, helping to share ideas and knowledge whilst fostering innovation.